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Why Should You Never Buy Commercial Dog Foods or Replacement 

Why Should You Never Buy Commercial Dog Foods and Its Replacement 

Perhaps the greatest advantage of being a pet parent is that we never lose our belief in honesty. It doesn’t come from our pet’s downy fur or their moist snout or the pattering paws or the amusing head. To see honesty in its truest form, you need only to search your dog’s ocean-like eyes. It lays bare all its desires, likes and dislikes. Even unsavory emotions like anger, desperation, irritation and ignorance find an outlet in your pup’s demeanor. While their antics may often surprise us, we are never in doubt about what they want. It is this quality in a pet that makes us believe in honesty when humanity often drives us to think otherwise.  

Are you rewarding your dog’s honesty with chemicals and preservatives? 

While we know all about our furry friends, neither they or we as parents are aware of what we are making them consume. Whenever you next call your pup to sit and shake and roll over, look at the treat in your hand and consider closely what you see. What is that shape? What does it contain? Where did it come from? Why does it look and smell so? 

It is common for pet-parents to ignore the make of the treats they buy. Afterall, it’s just a treat, isn’t it? Not quite. Most store-bought commercial dog treats are terrible for your dog’s health. They contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives and chemicals. They are processed in mega-plants, oftentimes manufactured with by-products of meat processing units. 

In India, regulations around pet foods manufacturing are insufficient at best, totally absent at worst. There is no uniformity in the production process, little oversight and a massive lack of transparency. The bottom line is, you do not know if your store-bought dog foods and chews are contaminated and hurting your pup’s health: a situation that is highly plausible and easily avoidable.  

Handcrafted For You; Handcrafted For Your Pets

The pandemic played an unmatched role in heightening our health consciousness. Overnight, we saw a spike in people wanting to consume good organic food that boosts our immunity. It is about time we extended this human food consciousness to the palette of our pets. We must purchase treats and dog foods from manufacturers who actually dote on pets and not on the width of your wallet. A number of online sellers, including Green Fresh Pets, manufacture foods that are dehydrated and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Store-bought treats are invariably processed at high temperatures, essentially combusting away the nutrient content. On the other hand, dehydrated dog foods are prepared with raw ingredients sourced directly from reputable suppliers. Dehydrating, as the name suggests, involves the removal of moisture from these ingredients. While ensuring a shelf life, dehydrated processing retains the essential nutrients in your pup’s meals. Dehydrated foods also have a number of vegetarian options like yak cheese and carrot chews

A study conducted by Belgian scientists revealed that a high quality diet can increase a dog’s life expectancy by 32 months. For your pet, the journey begins when you bring home handcrafted dehydrated foods and say no to commercial heartlessness.                 

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