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Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chew

Yak Chews for Dogs – Cheesy, Healthy Goodness

We all know that dogs are descendants of wolves. As a result, their teeth are sharp, and their jaws are strong. They are also called canines as their teeth have the ability to tear apart the prey. Naturally, their chewing instinct is not completely fulfilled when we feed them vegetables and similar soft foods. Dog chews were manufactured to meet this demand. But, most of them are unhealthy, full of preservatives, and leave behind a bad breath. This is where Yak Chews comes into the picture.

What is a Yak Chew?

Many centuries ago, Yak herders of Nepal crafted the Himalayan Yak Chews to fulfill their high protein requirement. A Yak Chew is nothing but cheese made out of Yak milk. It is natural, long-lasting, healthy, and a perfect treat for your dogs. Yak Chews are not like the other kinds of cheese that we consume. They are relatively hard, because of which they are used as chew treats for dogs. Following are some of the most crucial benefits of Yak Chews that must be highlighted.


Yak Chew dog chews are among the most healthy treats for your pets. They are full of Protein, Calcium, and Omega-3. In addition to this, they are very easy on your dog’s digestive tract. Most dog chews that you easily find in the markets are full of preservatives. This makes them extremely unhealthy and sometimes even dangerous for your dogs. On the other hand, Yak Chews are also beneficial to maintain proper dental hygiene. Their nutritional value enables them to improve dental and bone health and foster muscle growth and repair. As mentioned before, chewing is a much-needed activity for dogs. Chewing these Yak Chew treats also strengthens jaw muscles, stimulates saliva production, removes plaque, and lessens the chances of periodontal disease. To top it off, Yak Chews don’t leave your pets with bad breath.

Natural and Good Quality

Yak Chews are not a new concept. They have been around for centuries. Over the years, the native people staying in the Himalayas have perfected their techniques of developing these chews. Therefore, no preservatives and chemicals are added to them. Despite this, they last longer than your usual treats.


If your dog’s treats finish in a few seconds, they won’t be any different from a biscuit. Yak Chews are preservative free and yet have a long lifespan. Your pet can keep gnawing onto it for a long time. What’s the best part? Unlike other chew treats, they don’t leave residue behind. So, let your enthusiastic chewer fulfill his dream. After all, they, too, deserve some cheesy goodness in life.

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