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Dehydrated Duck Head Dog Chew

Did you know that duck meat is good for your dogs?

As a dog parent, feeding chicken, mutton and salmon to your dogs must be the norm. Have you ever thought about feeding your furry friends duck meat? Did you know that fresh organ meat or treats like duck head dog chews, duck wings dog chews, duck feet dog chews, etc. are extremely healthy for dogs? 

Seven Reasons to Feed Duck to your Dogs.
  1. Adds Variety: Duck treats add variety to your dog’s daily meals. Plus, it’s delicious!
  2. Helps with Food Allergies and Sensitive Stomachs: Some dogs are severely allergic to chicken and mutton. In such cases, they run a huge risk of becoming protein deficient because dogs don’t get the necessary amount from vegetables. Enter: duck meat! Duck meat is lean, easy to digest, and helps alleviate gastrointestinal problems. 
  3. Excellent Protein Source: Duck meat is a rich source of protein and amino acids, vital for dogs, as it helps in building and replenishing their connective tissues, hair, skin and nails. It also contributes towards a stronger immunity and musculoskeletal system. 
  4. Full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids help with brain and eye development in young dogs. In older dogs, they assist in maintaining cognitive function. They are also rich sources of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and provide dogs with enough energy to run around and play.
  5. Contains Antioxidants: Duck meat is an excellent source of antioxidants like zinc and selenium, which are responsible for improving a dog’s immune system, and thyroid gland. They also shield dogs from infections, parasites, viruses and other dangerous pathogens.
  6. Rich in Iron: Every dog requires iron to supplement a lot of his physiological functions such as formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. 
  7. Good Source of Vitamins: Duck meat is a fantastic source of vitamin B, phosphorus and potassium, good for a dog’s bones, teeth, metabolism and cardiovascular health. Potassium also aids proper functioning of nerves and muscles. 

While duck meat is an excellent addition to your dog’s meals, make sure the meat is fresh and high quality. For more affordable options, try dehydrated duck meat dog food, duck meat jerky, duck organ meat, duck jerky dog chews etc. 

Duck head dog chew, duck feet dog chew, duck wings dog chew are just some examples that your pet will enjoy. Happy feeding!

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