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Raw Hides Can Make your Dog Sick

Why is Rawhide Bad For Your Dogs

Why is rawhide harmful for dogs? Which nutritious chews should dogs consume instead?

By making better food choices, pet parents can significantly improve the health and well-being of a dog. This is true not only for meals and treats but also for your pup’s chews. Dog foods manufacturers have long utilized the ignorance of pet parents to sell harmful rawhide bones. This article explains why rawhide is terrible for your dog and the nutritious alternatives that you should consider.

How is Rawhide Processing Harmful?

Rawhides are manufactured from the byproducts of the leather processing industry. While the outer layer of cattle skin becomes leather, the inner layer is sent to tanneries to make rawhide. The processing begins with brining and a hydrogen peroxide wash. Besides, bleach and flavor additives are used to clean and season. This makes chemical-laden rawhide totally unfit for consumption. Think alone of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical used to treat open wounds. Even a small amount of hydrogen peroxide consumption can cause ulcers and burns in the digestive tract.  Reports suggest that dog foods manufacturers keep half-treated rawhide away for a long time before final processing. This increases the risk of salmonella and other bacterial contamination. Besides, rawhide can cause health hazards such as esophageal and intestinal blockages. Sensitive dog foods manufacturers like Green Fresh Pets consider only human grade foods as safe for your dogs.

What Are The Alternatives To Rawhide Bones?

The journey to your pet’s good health and long life begins with natural foods. Bones that go through minimal dehydrated or freeze-dried processing are just that. Trotter bones or other organic bones provide a natural taste and also supplement essential nutrients in your dog’s diet. Also, the raw flavor of actual meat perfectly fits your pup’s carnivorous appetite. There is no need for your dog to consume dangerous additives and flavourings when better natural alternatives are readily available.

You must choose your dog’s bone after considering the breed size and bite strength. Smaller pups like chihuahuas would love something like a chicken trotter. While larger breeds like rottweilers will find their jaw’s exercise in pig or mutton trotters. Keep in mind to get yak cheese chews if your dog has an aversion to meat or a liking for dairy.

Extensive research points towards the harmfulness of rawhide. It is imperative that dogs feed on high quality, nutritious chews. There’s no need to give your pups shelf-sold products that have an uncertain manufacturing and processing history. When you buy naturally dehydrated chews, you are aware of the very essence of the food. Each bite must contribute to your dog’s health and well-being. Make the switch to sensitive dog foods that contain a lot of goodness and no nasty chemicals or additives.

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