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COmmercial dog biscuits are not good for dogs

Commercial Dog Biscuit Vs Natural Dog Food – Tripe, Trotter’s, Liver and Jerky

Commercial Dog Biscuit Vs Natural Dog Food – Tripe, Trotter’s, Liver and Jerky

Our unconditional love for our canine friends often leads us to doing things that unknowingly may harm their health. For instance, we like to spoil them with treats like biscuits. Commercially made dog biscuits are not healthy treats for the dogs. Many pet owners also make the mistake of giving them biscuits that are made for humans. These treats are loaded with calories and bad for your pet’s health.

Negative Health Impacts of Commercial Dog Treats

Being plump is a feature that should be limited in dogs when puppies. Once the dogs grow up, being overweight can be far from cute. There are several health risks that develop in dogs when they are heavy, including short life expectancy, arthritis, high blood pressure, tumours, and heart diseases.

Commercially prepared pet treats are extremely high in calories. Their side-effects are not mentioned in the packaging, which sways the consumers to purchase them. Most pet owners prefer feeding their dogs with commercially prepared food and dog biscuits because it is easy and fuss-free. However, the dogs and people feeding commercial treats should both be prepared to pay the price – the dogs by developing health issues and the people by paying veterinary bills and/or by losing their canine friend.

Air-Dried Foods a Healthy Alternative to Commercial Dog Biscuits

However, it is significant that we provide delicious treats to our dogs, but just as we snack healthy to keep ourselves fit, we can offer healthy treats to our dogs too. We must select treats that are flavoursome and healthy too. Natural foods that have been air-dried make incredible treats for our pets.

Air-Dried Treats

Natural animal parts such as tripe, liver, trotters, etc., are air-dried to make healthy treats for your dogs. Jerky (thinly sliced dried meat) is an excellent treat for your dog. We are all aware that meat is rich in protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. Giving them air-dried treats doesn’t just satisfy their palettes but also promotes good health.

Here is a quick table representation of the difference between commercial dog biscuits and natural air-dried treats.  

Difference Between Commercial Dog Biscuits and Natural Air-Dried Treats

 Commercial Dog BiscuitsNatural Air-Dried Treats
CaloriesHigh in calories. Depending on the brand of biscuit purchased, a single biscuit may contain up to 78% calories without offering any major nutritional value.Low in calories and nutritious. Every treat may have a different calorific value. For instance, a single piece of chicken jerky offers 59 calories and is protein-rich.
Side-EffectsCauses obesity and several other health issues, including heart disease.No side effects, provided they are given in the recommended quantity.
PreparationCommercially prepared with no or very less natural ingredients.Natural parts of animals that are air-dried for preservation.
Nutritional ValueCommercial preparation doesn’t guarantee usage of any natural products and may offer very less nutritional value.Natural nutrition of the animal parts is preserved in the air-drying process offering immense health benefits.

Air-dried natural treats are indeed a wonderful alternative to commercially produced dog biscuits.

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