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Why is Handcrafted Dehydrated Dog Food Better than Kibbles?

Why is Handcrafted Dehydrated Dog Food Better than Kibbles?

As dog owners, you may be bewildered by the number of choices in foods available in the market for your dog. It generally narrows down to selecting between kibble and handcrafted dehydrated dog food and Home made food. Here is a quick comparison between the two to help you understand why handcrafted dehydrated dog food is better than kibbles.


Kibble is a ground meat meal made from various meat by-products (seafood, livestock, and other dead animals) that are shaped into pellets as dog food.

Dehydrated dog food is where real food ingredients are gently airdried to remove moisture from them while retaining their natural enzymes and nutritional benefits.

Nutritional Content and Taste

Kibble may be easy to feed the dogs, but dog owners are starting to realize the low nutritional value it has to offer to their pets. The not-so-healthy ingredients, preservatives, and fillers don’t sound optimal for your dog’s health. Besides, kibble is prepared using high temperatures, which cuts down all the nutrients, if any, derived from the meal. The flavour or aroma that your dog gets from kibble is not natural because the high temperatures strip down the natural aroma and taste, along with the essential vitamins and minerals. Handcrafted dehydrated dog food is created in a way that retains the natural vitamins, minerals, flavours, protein, taste, and original ingredients. The non-intrusive way in which the ingredients are gently airdried just removes the moisture while preserving the food along with all its goodness. Dogs love the taste of dehydrated food. As you add warm water to it, the texture and aroma instantly get your dog’s attention and their desire to eat the food. Minimal processing of the food, vegetables, meats, fruits, etc., make it more desirable and healthier for your dogs to consume.

Bottom Line

Kibbles are not a healthy option for your dog’s considering the food ingredients and the unhealthy way it is made. However, handcrafted dehydrated dog food ensures that your four-legged friend gets everything that will help him grow in a healthy way. Consuming good quality real food ensures that they receive their required doses of vitamins and minerals that is essential for their growth. Eating healthy also promotes good skin, coat, and overall health.

If you want your dog to grow up strong and healthy, then swap kibbles for handcrafted dehydrated dog food. Healthy food will ensure they stay far from diseases too.

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    August 5, 2021

    My baby Maya, one and a half year old Labrador is loving the natural smelling and original shaped treats! I recommend the products to all pawrents. Your babies will love them!

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