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Meat Jerky: A Healthy Form of Protein for your Dog’s Balanced diet

MEATing Your Pooch’s Protein Needs

Ever wondered whether your beloved dog gets bored of the same old kibble that you put in its bowl? Well, probably not, because they may not be as picky as humans. But just because they don’t know any better, it does not mean they should be deprived of good nutrition. Let’s talk about the importance of different types of protein for dogs. 

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) suggests that 18% of the total nutrient intake for an adult dog should be made up of proteins. This is even higher for puppies, at 22%. Feeding your dog commercial dog food isn’t a problem, as long as it is high quality. The problem arises when there is only one form of protein. Although your dog’s favourite kibble might provide the necessary amount of protein, a balanced diet means much more than that. The quality and types of protein that your dog chows down on are also important. 

Every type of food protein is made up of different amino acids and is supplemented by different kinds of fats, vitamins, enzymes, and other unique nutrients. Ignoring these different forms of nutrition can lead to an unbalanced diet. It can have various effects on your dog’s health, including conditions such as obesity, weakened bones, allergies, skin disorders, and fur loss. 

Moreover, when dogs are given the same protein sources for extended periods, they develop intolerances that can manifest as allergies. Novel proteins, which are not consumed often, are essential to a dog’s diet and overall health.

But how do we ensure that our dogs get these novel proteins? Although you could just keep cooking different types of meats now and then for your dogs, it isn’t very convenient, is it?

If only there was another way to ensure that your dog gets sufficient amounts of different novel proteins. Well, there is! A great and convenient alternative is meat jerky for dogs. Meat jerky is essentially a dehydrated form of meat. It’s a hassle-free way to satisfy your dog’s protein needs without having to cook. The dehydration keeps it preserved without additives, so you don’t have to keep running to the store either. 

In terms of rotational feeding, you can have a range of food options for your dog, with choices that provide different types of protein such as chicken jerky , pork jerky, lamb jerky, duck jerky, rabbit jerky, turkey Jerky, Emu Jerky etc. Supplementing your dog’s kibble with meat jerky will help ensure that your dog doesn’t get allergic to a single type of protein.

There are multiple other benefits to feeding meat jerky to dogs, such as:

  1. The dehydration process of meat jerky helps retain nutrients better than cooking.
  2. It is a high-quality protein source.
  3. The toughness of the meat is ideal for plaque removal. 
  4. It can help curb your dog’s fat intake.

So go ahead and make the switch to meat jerky if you haven’t already. It will ensure that your canine best friend is healthy and satisfied with every meal.

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