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Why Species Friendly Single-ingredient Air Dried dog food is Best for your Dogs.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of many pet owners who have been searching for more information on fresh Single-ingredient Air Dried dog food. As more people become aware of the benefits of a fresh ingredient diet, the search for what to feed exactly has begun the point of focus. We all know that a well rounded, balanced diet is directly correlated in keeping our pets healthy, and in increasing Life span and quality of Life. Many pieces of research worldwide have revealed what most pet owners never suspected. The processed foods we have been feeding our beloved animals have actually been creating havoc with their health. The flip side of the processed dog food started showing its ugly face when pet owners started to realise that their pets are generally having a low optimum life quality and are riddled with many health complications including obesity. To their dismay, it was discovered that the Processed food they were feeding their pets, was actually the main cause of several health issues of their pets. It is an established fact and Science has already proved beyond doubt that eating processed foods leads to obesity, heart disease, among many other life-threatening diseases. Our pets are no different and this realisation of unintended cruelty the owners were inflicting on their pets lead to a movement towards a species-friendly diet.

So, what changes can you expect once switching to a species-friendly Single-ingredient Air Dried dog food?

Below you will find a list of benefits from feeding a species-friendly, diet to your pets. This information has been gathered over the years from real pet owners and their experience with their animals.

Smaller & Less odorous stools
When The body has less to reject and absorbs more nutrients from the food it will produce less waste which directly leads to the body creating less stool. Pretty straight forward, the stool may be watery sometimes. No Pet Odor As your pets will be relieved from releasing toxin through their skin it will have less odour and the problem of shedding will decrease expectantly.

Fresh Breath A healthy, clean gut leads to healthy, fresh breath.

White & Clean Teeth Feeding raw soft meaty bones, your pet’s teeth naturally clean themselves of tartar and plaque. No more unnecessary dental and surgical procedures that often put the health of your pet at risk. You will notice species-friendly feeders love showing off their older pets teeth due to how clean they maintain throughout their lifetime. Strong Immune SystemWith the lesser intake of harmful materials and toxins and more, clean nutrients to work with, the immune system receives a boost and is able to remain strong and healthy even in older age and reduces the Vet visits considerably during the entire life span. Yes, the species-friendly diet may be more expensive than processed food, but in the long run, you may be spending less at the vet during the pets lifetime. Offsetting the cost of the food and prolonging your time with your best friend.

Stabilized Energy Levels & Less Hyperactivity : Your pet’s bodies respond according to the food they are given. species-friendly Single-ingredient Air Dried dog food help stabilizes energy levels and reduces hyperactivity and that results in your pet being able to focus more, feel more comfortable, show less irritation and becomes less fidgety, What goes in must come out and the energy produced from what they are eating is no different here.

Ideal Weight Maintenance & Greater Muscle Tone : So many pets are overweight these days and pet owners don’t understand why. They claim they only feed strictly according to instructions of the processed dog food yet are not able to maintain their pets ideal body weight. Well, That is because processed foods are like junk food and our body tends to behave abnormally when introduced with junk food. How could your pet not show any of the abnormalities associated with eating Junk food? They have no control over what they can eat, so it is up to you to give them the best opportunity to stay healthy. With species-friendly diet, It has been reported that chronic problems like obesity and many other feeding-related diseases could be brought under control and also able to maintain that weight. And with time, develop and maintain greater muscle tone. Being able to see a waistline and definition in your pet’s body is what we need to get used to when talking about healthy body weight.

Softer & Shinier CoatsOne of the most common heard complements species-friendly diet receive is how soft and shiny their pets’ coats have become. Why are they so soft and shiny? It’s because of fewer toxins and the presence of natural oils, vitamins, and minerals found in the species-friendly diet leads to healthy skin, softer fur, and the shiniest coats ever.

Reduced Itching, Scratching & Licking: With less inflammation in the body originating from processed foods, there is less itching, scratching and licking noticed. Many pet owners resort to a species-friendly diet as a Miracle attempt at resolving allergies . There is also significant reduction in obsessive licking and scratching, after numerous attempts at resolving the issue with vet prescribed medicines and shampoos and specialized kibble diets. Except that covering up the symptoms does not cure the root cause. In order to resolve the ailment, one must tackle the underlying issue causing the symptoms. And many Patrons of species-friendly diet have found that by switching diets and rebuilding the immune system from the inside out has resulted in reduced itching, scratching, and licking. In fact, a majority of pet owners make the switch to Species friendly Single-ingredient Air Dried dog food because of these very common symptoms found in our pets.

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