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Dehydrated Dog Foods, Chews & Dog Treats. Are they Safe & healthy?

Dehydrated Dog Foods, Chews & Dog Treats. Are they Safe & healthy?

Nowadays there are several wide options for pet food and available to select from. Therefore we always want to be assured that whatever we are selecting for our pooches are healthy and fit for them to consume. Thus dehydrated pet foods are something that is gaining high popularity these days. 

What is dehydrated dog food?

Dehydrated dog food is processed at a minimal level with similar level consistency as freeze and dried. The cooking and/or preparation processes that are followed to make dehydrated dog food or treats helps to preserve the maximum nutritional content of the ingredients used. The full raw ingredients are cooked and/or air-dried at a certain specified temperature focusing on removing just the moisture from the ingredient. The process makes it chewable and enjoyable for your pooch to enjoy. 

Is dehydrated dog foods safe for your pooch to consume?

Dehydrated dog foods are way healthier as compared to other processed dog foods. Consider the below points if you find yourself confused about whether to go for it or not:

1. Super Healthy: When it comes to cats and dogs they need high proteins to be included in their diet. Feeding your dogs and/or cats processed unnatural food might not fulfil the requirements of your pet as processed foods tend to contain loads of unwanted fillers and junk that is undesirable in a dog’s food plate. Thus it is seen kibble food and some processed pellet foods are not easy for dogs to eat or digest . Dehydrated dog food is processed in such a way that makes the food fun to chew while providing them with the ultimate benefit of the natural species friendly food. 

2. Minimum amount of processing: As we know that when it comes to a regular dog food they are prepared at a very high temperature. Processing Dog food at high temperature results in degradation of most of the nutritional benefits of the food. On the other hand when we compare it with dehydrated dog food the processing level temperature is kept at the lowest to maintain the highest amount of nutritional content in the raw ingredient. Dehydrated foods are generally raw and sometimes carefully pre-cooked to keep the flavours, taste and essence of the raw food maintained. 

3. Longer shelf life: As compared to some dog food the dehydrated dog food has a longer shelf life. Due to minimal processing level and absence of moisture , chemicals, fillers and junks which leads to spoilage of food. They can be kept in any temperature and fulfils the necessity of storing food for a longer duration of time without any trouble. Also enables to store dog food for a long duration. It is very healthy food option on a tour or as a regular diet

4. Safe for humans to eat: Its never a good to eat your dog’s food. Our Dog Foods are made from the best quality ingredients. The care we put in making these food makes it absolutely safe for even Humans to eat our entire range of Dog food and treats. We do not advise it though, it is not advisable.

5. Your pooch will love it: There is no way out your pooch will not love these dehydrated treats. They are not only healthy to eat its enjoyable as well and always ready to eat. Due to their Smell and taste, it always stays one of the best food that your pooch will prefer to eat.

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