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Foods that are bad for dogs

10 Unhealthy Food For Your Dogs, Ingredients To Avoid Giving Your Dog.

Nowadays, when commercial marketing is at a peak, then, getting natural, healthy, and organic materials are hard to obtain for your dog. As a pet owner, it is very genuine to think about your pet a bit outside the box and always trusting the attractive packaging and brand is correct. 

Checking what your dog is intaking into his/her body is as necessary as we do for a human baby. In-take of harmful food ingredients can take a toll on your pooch and result in bad health, untimely death, paralysis, lower immune system, and many more. 

 Ten Unhealthy Foods for your dog:

  1. Animals Left Over: Usually, for animals, all the leftovers of other animals are good to consume, but the reality, it is way different. Thus when we say left over, it means anything left out after meat and bone is removed, such as beaks, pieces of tumours, etc. These are hard to digest and provided a very minimal amount of nutrients to the dog. Therefore avoiding such Unhealthy Food For Your Dogs as left over’s are best to be done.
  2. Avoid products with generic labels: Many commercial companies use general terms on their product, such as meat, meat meal, etc., and avoid mentioning the type of meat in the product. Thus such generic statements are suspicious. Many companies can add mixed meats of different animals such as dead zoo animals, dead livestock, etc. Therefore going for real and fresh meat is the best option to rely on for quality. Meat or any parts of an already dead animal before slaughter ranks on top of the list of Unhealthy Food For Your Dogs
  3. BHT/BHA: These terms are of preservatives used to preserve the fat content in pet and human food items. These are some of the harmful preservatives that many countries have banned to be used in any product. Studies have been done and show that BHT/BHA contribute to developing cancer and increasing hyperactivity in humans. On the other hand, it also contributes to curing diseases such as AIDS and herpes. Thus, nothing is sure; therefore, such preservatives are best to be avoided for the best of your pooch. 
  4. Avoid Natural Preservatives: People usually have a misconception that natural preservatives are best to go for. But they usually forget that any chemical that is artificially made and trying to preserve food is as harmful as any other preservative. Therefore, canned food is best to go with as their packaging is done in a way that no additional chemical or preservative is required to be used to preserve the food.
  5. Salt: There is nothing to deny that salt is essential to both humans and dogs. However, excessive salt intake is harmful to us similarly; it is to our pets. Therefore, if you add salt to your pooches, food then makes sure the quantity you are using is balanced and low. It is mostly seen that dogs can eat food without salt, thus avoiding it as much as possible is best. 
  6. White Flour: It is seen that white flour contains carbohydrates. It also contributes to lowering the blood sugar level. Therefore soon after your dog consumes it, they might feel hungry again. Thus overconsumption can result in diabetes, weight gain, and obesity. 
  7. Avoid Artificial Colours: Colours might look appealing, but it is self-evident that artificial colours are as harmful as artificial preservatives. Thus, such artificial colours are harmful to your dog and can make them hyperactive, stressed, give them problems in sleeping, etc. Therefore avoiding such ingredients is best. 
  8. Avoid Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): As other preservatives and harmful chemicals used in dog foods, MSG is also one of the common ingredients found. In dog food, it is used to overcome all the flavours that might be lacking. They can also agitate allergic reactions not only to humans but also to pets.  
  9. Gluten: Gluten is a product that is said to be avoided, and if taken, it should be in a moderate quantity. Therefore with regards to pet’s gluten, it can be found easily in barley and wheat. The use of gluten in dog food is for binding up, giving shapes or texture to the food. Furthermore, gluten consumption is problematic for dogs and other pets, making them prone to allergies, bad stomachs, lowering digestion levels, etc. 
  10. Corn Syrup: Corn syrup is a cheap sweetener that is used in human and pet food. The intake of sugar takes a toll on health that we are well aware of. Similarly, like refined sugar, corn syrup consumption by dogs and humans can increase blood sugar level, weight gain, diabetics, and obesity. 

Therefore the above are the top ingredients that should be avoided to be given to your furry baby. Try to find a natural substitute that can fulfil the healthy nutrients and maintain the inner immunity and digestion of your dog. 

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