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Health Benefits of Home Cooked Food Vs. Kibble Food

For new dog owners, Kibble food or machine-made Processed Dog Food is a ground-up animal food made from various plant and animal-based ingredients to provide a nutritionally balanced diet to the pets.

It has been a tricky topic of discussion to decide whether home-cooked food is better or the Kibble food is. The answer to the question is home-cooked food, and the list of reasons is down below:

  1. You Know What You Are Feeding

In case of any kibble, you put your entire trust on what the company promises, information that is on the packaging, and the advertisements in support of the product. But you don’t go and see by yourself to check how your beloved pet’s food is being prepared. What are the ingredients used, and what is the process used to prepare the food? 

  1. Customizable As Per The Needs

All pets are not the same, and they might have habits and needs of their own. Even though kibble food promises a balanced nutritional diet but one should also understand that it’s a generalized concept. Like one healthy nutritional food cannot suffice the need of all the human beings of the planet, the same way a dog food cannot do it either. 

  1. Better Digestibility

It is a proven fact that the compressed and processed food made at the dog food factories comes low in the rankings when checked on food digestibility parameters. Moderately cooked dog food at home is proven to be digested easily. When the food is digested easily, it helps maintain your dog’s health up-keep and increases life expectancy.

  1. You Choose Your Ingredients

It is saddening to know that there is no concrete rule on the meat which is added in kibble food making. If it is coming from healthy meat of slaughtered animals or just from any other dead animal.

 After knowing your pet’s habits and needs, the owner can decide the ingredients of its pet’s diet. And be sure of the good quality without staying in assumption.

  1. Feed Moisture Maintenance

Kibble food is processed at high temperatures and loses its moisture content. In contrast, home-cooked food is not the same case. You need to keep in mind the required content of moisture that is needed in your pet’s meal while cooking it at home. 

The absence might result in loss of appetite, lower level of energy, dry or sunken eyes, reduction skin elasticity, and other harmful effects.

  1. Freshness Vs. Lifelessness

When different ingredients are combined and processed to make a product that can be stored for many days while keeping its nutritional value, it sacrifices its freshness and becomes lifeless. 

Where food made at home is prepared with ingredients of your choice and your ever-evolving love. It gives life to the food and feels better while consuming.

  1. No Synthetic Unwanted Additions

Processing results in the loss of many nutritional contents of the food. And to cover the losses, the companies incorporate synthetic elements. These synthetic elements have proven to result in long-term harmful effects. For now, your dog might look healthy and happy, but in coming days you might see degenerating diseases for no reason.

So, it is always suggested to feed home-cooked food to your dog and help them stay healthy and happy. 

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