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Dehydrated Tilapia Fish Dog and Cat Chew

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Dehydrated Tilapia Fish Dog and Cat Chew

  • Natural and tasty Tilapia Fish Dog Chew is produced from deboned filets of fish from a fresh catch. Our fish providers maintain high quality standards. We do not use any preservatives, chemicals, color or flavor additives in our tilapia fish chews. 
  • These fish chews contain high amounts of vitamin D, phosphorus and omega 3 fatty acids. The chews are the secret sauce to your pup’s cardiovascular health. 
  • Dogs allergic to chicken or other meats will find their protein intake fulfilled by dehydrated tilapia fish chews. They will also exercise their jaws while maintaining oral health and freshness of breath. 
  • Fish has anti-inflammatory properties that help your pooches keep a healthy heart, strong joints, active brain, good skin and a soft coat. Dehydrated tilapia fish chews will keep your pups active and always on-the-go.   

Why Dehydrated Foods for Dogs?  

Dehydrated processing involves removal of moisture from raw materials to give the foods a shelf life with close to zero processing. No heartless mega-plants, no combustion in giant burners, no adding preservatives and flavors that take precious years away from your dog’s life. 

Green Fresh Pets makes dehydrated foods that are suitable for human consumption. Our experts work out of a kitchen. We manufacture your pup’s treats and chews as if we were making our own tasty, healthy meals.        



– Fresh Tilapia Fish Whole (cleaned)   

Suitable For 

All Breeds elder than 3 months 

Storage Instructions

  • Store in an airtight container.
  • Lasts for 90 days when refrigerated. 
  • Lasts for 45 days at room temperature. 
  • Keep away from moisture.
Transition Chart from Ordinary Diet to a Healthy Alternative
Why dehydrated Dog food is Better?

  •  Storage RecommendationsWhen Kept refrigerated – It stays fresh for at least 90 days.When Stored in an airtight container at room temperature – It stays fresh for at least 45 days
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Packing Size

1 Kg, 100 gm, 250 gms, 500 Gms


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Green Fresh Pets has been locally selling its home-styled dehydrated dog food and treats since 2015.

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