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Goat Horn Dog Chew

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Dehydrated Goat Horn Dog Chew

  • While pet parents are put off by natural dog foods like goat horn chews, dogs find them extremely palatable. It fulfills their canine instinct to chew and the gamey flavor of the marrow makes your pups swoon with happiness. 
  • Goat horn chews provide a great opportunity for dogs to release their stress and boredom. While normal chew toys are made of silicone and plastic, goat horn is a natural alternative and fully edible. 
  • Dogs rely on their senses to communicate with the world. When left alone without any stimulation, dogs might be inclined to try and chomp down on harmful things like shoes and tables. The horn chew is a preferred treat for active, restless pups. 
  • All our goat horns are sourced from grass-fed cattle that gives your pups maximum nutrition with no hidden nasties. 
  • By giving your pups a goat horn chew, you will be entering a world of rustic antiquity of shepherds and cattle herders like those of the Andean mountains. Due to genetic maneuvering and an inclination toward carnivorous appetite, dogs instinctively know the benefits of working through a goat horn. That being said, you can always maintain a few precautions. These are listed below.  

Feeding Precautions  

  • Supervision is crucial when your pups consume goat horn. 
  • Your dog should naturally gnaw small pieces away, but not large shards.
  • Some dogs might approach natural treats with more gusto than others, and it’s important to ensure they’re eating slowly and safely. If you think your dog might be bearing down too hard, remove the horn and try again after some time. 


Goat Horn and Skin 

Suitable For 

Adult breeds with fully grown teeth.

Storage Instructions 

  • Store in an airtight container.
  • Lasts for 90 days when refrigerated. 
  • Lasts for 45 days at room temperature. 
  • Keep away from moisture.
Transition Chart from Ordinary Diet to a Healthy Alternative
Why dehydrated Dog food is Better?

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