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Dehydrated Goat Trachea Dog and Cat Treats

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Dehydrated Goat Trachea Dog and Cat Treats

  • Dehydrated Goat Trachea is a superfood for dogs. Goat trachea contains essential nutrients such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Sourced from the finest free range farms and processed minimally, dehydrated goat trachea are a must-have for numerous reasons. 
  • While most store-bought dog foods contain toxic levels of additives, naturally produced dehydrated goat trachea have been hailed as treats that prevent the spread of cancers, tumors and other diseases. 
  • These treats are most important for pooches that are prone to hip/joint issues. They help in muscle regeneration and promote activity. They are also a critical food for dogs that need to gain weight. 
  • Dehydrated goat trachea is ideal for pups who are involved in extensive exercise regimens or have high activity levels through the day.  

Why Dehydrated Foods for Dogs?  

For ages, dog foods manufacturers have produced low nutrition content, inferior quality products that are harmful for your dog’s health. Most shelf-sold dog foods are manufactured from the by-products of the meat industry and are unsafe for consumption.   

Sensitive dog foods manufacturers like Green Fresh Pets take great care while producing dehydrated dog foods. Our processing happens in a dog-loving kitchen that makes human-grade food. We take the moisture away from the food and seal the goodness in an air-tight packaging. Our farm-fresh products are set to improve your dog’s health.       


– Goat Trachea  

Suitable For 

All Breeds elder than 3 months 

Storage Instructions

  • Store in an airtight container.
  • Lasts for 90 days when refrigerated. 
  • Lasts for 45 days at room temperature. 
  • Keep away from moisture.
Transition Chart from Ordinary Diet to a Healthy Alternative

Why dehydrated Dog food is Better For Your Loving Dog?

BARF diet Transition Chart

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Green Fresh Pets has been locally selling its home-styled dehydrated dog food and treats since 2015.

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