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How Control The Diet Of Your Dog During Pandemic Lockdown ?

Pandemic has impacted not just us but our pets too, who have been restricted inside the house so what is the best way to control the diet of your dog during pandemic lockdown? Feeding your dog is not something that should be taken lightly. Along with mental health and exercise, diet is a significant contributor to their well-being. Giving your dog healthy food is extremely important.

The eating habits that you set up for them, can help in their well-being, healthy and long life. Here are some important principles that when applied to your canine’s diet schedule during this pandemic can help them stay strong and healthy.

Portion Control is an Essential Key to Good Health

You must have a clear understanding of the right serving size for your dog. The internet is loaded with information and even companies manufacturing dog food print the serving size for different sized dogs. However, they use general rules to advise the customer about the intake of dog food. To understand the exact serving size that your dog needs to be fed you must get in touch with your veterinary. Size, breed, age along with several other factors are taken into consideration when determining their food portion.

Put Your Dog on Diet if Required

Pandemic has caused us to stay indoors. This limited not just our outings but our pets too. Playing in parks, going for walks, running, etc. are all significant for the health of your pet. Staying indoors means eating and resting. Family members are likely to treat the pets more when they are around them. You must give them healthy options to eat. Rice cakes and certain vegetables can be consumed by your canine friends – you can confirm with your veterinarian about the foods that they can eat. Along with this, many companies prepare dog food that is meant to help with weight loss. As a general recommendation, cutting down their daily intake of food by 15% – 20% for up to 8 weeks help them lose weight. Your veterinary can help you calculate the intake of their calories per day considering their weight, current size, health, energy levels, breed, age, etc.

You Must Not Give Into Begging

Dogs are experts in begging. With time they discover whining, pawing, barking, nudging, drooling, or making puppy faces melts the owner who instantly gives them the food they are eating. Giving food that is meant for humans to eat causes weight gain and health issues and giving excessive of their dog food also causes weight gain and other health problems. You must never give in to begging.

Help Your Dog Exercise

Although nothing can substitute walks, runs and fresh air outside; there are some ways in which you can help your dog lose some calories even when they are at home. Obstacle course, hide and seek, order some new toys online, play and earn rewards are some ways in which they can lose weight. Playing with your dog for at least 15 to 20 minutes each day can help them lose weight. You must go slow with dogs that are very heavy or have joint issues.

Follow the above tips and keep your dog healthy this pandemic!

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