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Mutton Tripe Green Dog Chews

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Dehydrated Mutton Green Tripe Dog Chews are anytime and every time chew friend to your furry friend. Why?

  • All our products focus on improving the health of your dog and similarly, this Goat and/or tripe chews now only improved the dental health of your dog but also enhances gut health. These are made out from Goat stomach muscles and contain gut boosting probiotics that focus on proper digestion.
  • This Mutton tripe chews not only strengthen the teeth and gums of your pooch but also maintains oral health and freshness in the breath. Goat and/or Lamb tripe treats are made up of 100% natural and freshly Slaughtered Goat and /or Lamb and are non-vegetarian in nature.
  •  Human treats can be harmful to your pooch to digest and eat but our soft Chewy mutton tripe chews are not only easy to digest but also yum to eat and enjoy.
  •  Thus fresh Muttont tripe and dehydrated at between 75ºC for some secret hours depending upon the requirement. This process helps to maintain the slightest softness of the meat and makes it enjoyable for your pooch to chew.
  • They are free from unnatural flavours, colour, preservatives and chemicals.
  • These very nutritious dog chews can keep your dog busy and involved for long hours.
  • Our dehydrated Goat tripe chews are long-lasting and a very robust substitute for Raw Hide and similar products and is suitable for all dog types.
Transition Chart from Ordinary Diet to a Healthy Alternative
Why dehydrated Dog food is Better?

Barf Diet Transition chart

  •  Storage RecommendationsWhen Kept refrigerated – It stays fresh for at least 90 days.When Stored in an airtight container at room temperature – It stays fresh for at least 45 days
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1 review for Mutton Tripe Green Dog Chews

  1. Kumar Sambhav (verified owner)

    Great product. Fills my puppy’s stomach providing her with essential nutrients at the same time. They have introduced good packaging and keep on bettering their products. Also, the tripe is very cost-effective as a superfood when bought from Green Fresh Pets.

    • Babu Banik

      Thanks again

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